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Accounts Receivable

The main prospect of a healthcare provider is to define how efficiently their accounts receivable services are functioning. It is critical that a proper record keeping of patient healthcare, accelerating payments to medical practitioners and identify healthcare areas that require focus is determined and concentrated upon.

At Trupp Global, we aim to gain momentum in the monetary flows and reducing the Accounts Receivable days by submitting claims which are clean, properly analysed and regular follow-ups with insurance agencies and patients for outstanding claims and dues.

A look at our Accounts Receivable services:

  • Tracking: Tracking pending claims, trace the reasons for claims denials, track outstanding receivable balances by customer and also provide periodic reports.
  • Payment of claims: Our receivable recovery services teamed with our skilled staff identify billing operation problems that result in non-payment or incorrect payment of claims and resolve the situations.
  • Research: We research outstanding accounts receivable balances to distinguish collectible and uncollectible amount.
  • Billing: The deductible amounts to the appropriate payers are identified and billed.
  • Reporting: We also provide routine reports to customers, detailing collection progress, including payments and recommending adjustments.

Outsourcing your accounts receivable services to Trupp Global helps your organization to deal with your accounts receivables effectively.

Why us?

  • We ensure better operations through an increase in efficiency and training to the concerned personnel
  • The cash flow generated by our accounts receivables team will ensure that your organization has a good and regular flow of monetary gains
  • Our cost-effective services and time bound processes always deliver ahead of schedule
  • The HIPAA-certified experts at Trupp Global have many years of first-hand experience in Accounts Receivable services.

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